DownUnder Championships 2018
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2018 DownUnder Meet

13th to 15th July 2018

COMPETITION VENUE   The COMPETITION venue is the Griffith University Athletics Centre, University Drive, off Parklands Drive, Southport.  The Exit off the M1 freeway between Brisbane and New South Wales is Exit 66 (Smith Street).  Locate from WhereIs on  For Place or business, type in Athletics Track. For Address, type in Parklands Dr, Southport, QLD



Number of flights 
& Height
To 1st

Open M

110m 10x106.7cm (3’6”) 13.72m



18/19yrs M

110m 10 x 99.1cm (3’3”) 13.72m 9.14m 14.02m

16/17yrs M

110m 10 x 91.4cm (3’0”) 13.72m 9.14m 14.02m

15yrs & under M

100m 10 x 84cm (2’9”) 13m 8.5m 10.5m
18/19yrs & Open F 100m 10 x 84cm (2’9”) 13m 8.5m 10.5m

16/17yrs F


10 x 76.2cm (2’6”)

13m 8.5m 10.5m

15yrs & under F

90m 9 x 76.2cm (2’6”) 13m 8m 13m

Open M


10 x 91.4cm (3’0”)

45m 35m 40m

18/19yrs M


7 x 91.4cm (2’9”)

50m 35m 40m

16/17yrs M

300m 7 x 84cm (2’9”) 50m 35m 40m

15yrs & under M

200m 10 x 76.2cm (2’6”)


18.29m 17.10m

Open F

400m 10 x 76.2cm (2’6”) 45m 35m 40m

18/19yrs F

300m 7 x 76.2cm (2’6”) 50m 35m 40m

16/17yrs F

300m 7 x 76.2cm (2’6”) 50m 35m 40m

15yrs & under F

200m 10 x 76.2cm (2’6”) 18.29m 18.29m 17.10m



EVENT OPEN 18/19yrs 16/17yrs 15yrs & under
SHOT PUT 7.26kg-16lb 6kg-13lb3.2oz 5kg-11lb 4kg-8lb12.8oz
HAMMER 7.26kg-16lb 6kg-13lb3.2oz 5kg-11lb 4kg-8lb12.8oz
DISCUS 2kg 1.75kg 1.5kg 1kg
JAVELIN 800g 800g 700g 700g
SHOT PUT 4kg-8lb12.8oz 4kg-8lb12.8oz 3kg-6lb10.6oz 3kg-6lb10.6oz
HAMMER 4kg-8lb12.8oz 4kg-8lb12.8oz 3kg-6lb10.6oz 3kg-6lb10.6oz
DISCUS 1kg 1kg 1kg 1kg
JAVELIN 600g 600g 500g 500g



MALE 16/17 to OPEN 2000m 91.4cm (3’0”)
MALE 15 & under 2000m 76.2 cm (2’6”)
FEMALE 14/15 to OPEN 2000m 76.2cm (2’6”)


ENTRIES  It is your responsibility to ensure that you enter the correct event, in the correct age group, and in the correct gender.

Early Bird entries close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, 19th June 2018. 

Standard Entries close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, 3rd July 2018.


EARLY BIRD $25.00 (GST inclusive) per event

STANDARD $30 (GST inclusive) per event

LATE ENTRIES:  Late entries will only be considered on the condition that it does not add a round to a track event, or in the case of a field event, does not cause the field event to have more than twelve participants.   *Note: When considering late entries, the total number of entries within that time slot will be taken into consideration, NOT just the number in the specific age group.  The decision to accept the entry lies solely with the Competition Director.  Any requests for Late Entries must be sent via email to Applications must include the following information regarding the athlete: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of birth, Events (include age groups and current PB for each event), AWD category (if applicable), Club or State.

From close of standard on-line entries until 11.59pm Tuesday 10th July 2018, late entry fee (for either new competitors or new events) will be $50 per event.  No new competitors will be accepted into the Meet after this time.

From 12 midnight Wednesday 10th July 2018 the only late entries which will be considered (other than exceptional circumstances) will be for athletes who have already entered the Meet, who wish to add an event or events. Exceptional circumstances might include special requests from Athletics Australia for elite International athletes to compete. During this time the very late entry fee will be $80 per event.  Very late entries (except relays – see relay rules) will only be considered up to three hours before the official scheduled starting time of an event.

REFUND POLICY  Athletes may request a refund for entries up until 7 days before the start of the competition. No refunds will be considered within the 7 days prior to the competition, except in exceptional circumstances.  The amount refunded will be the entry LESS a 10% admin fee.

AGE GROUPS  Age will be determined (as per the accepted IAAF method) by the year born. For example, an athlete born in 2000 will be 18 years of age in 2018. This athlete will compete as an 18 year old, regardless of whether or not the athlete has had his or her 18th birthday yet.  Therefore they would be in the 18/19yrs age group.

OPEN    refers to athletes born in 1998 or earlier

18/19yrs (also called U20) refers to athletes born in 1999 or 2000

16/17yrs (also called U18) refers to athletes born in 2001 or 2002

15yrs & under (also called U16) refers to 14 & 15 year old athletes, born in 2003 and 2004.

Minimum age: athletes who turn 13 in this year.  Please note however, that there is no 13 years & under age group. 13 year olds are allowed to compete in the 15 years & under age group. All specifications (weights, hurdle heights, etc, are for the 15 years & under age group).  

AWD athletes and Exhibition athletes.  While the DownUnder Meet was designed as a competition for able-bodied athletes (due mainly to time restrictions) we will, where possible, allow athletes with disabilities to compete. Note: we will not have the time capacity to allow seated throwing events.  AWD athletes will be able to use the correct implement for their disability classification, but will be ineligible for medals if they are not using the same specifications as other competitors in their age group.  Any AWD events where special equipment might be required (e.g. lights to assist deaf athletes at the start of a track event) must be made known to us in sufficient time prior to the competition to enable us to source, if possible, such specialist equipment.  

Where special requests have been made for ‘Exhibition’ events, any such events will not be eligible for medals.  (An Exhibition event may, for example, be added at a special request from Athletics Australia to allow elite athletes the opportunity to post a qualifying performance, or a pre-departure performance.)

NUMBER of EVENTS  Athletes may compete in any number of events.  Athletes may compete in their own age group only; however all athletes are eligible to compete in the OPEN aged category.  The age specific groups (i.e. 18/19 yrs, 16/17yrs and 15& under) are considered as ‘CLOSED’ categories.  Unless the athlete is of the age specified for an age group (as per Age Group section) the athlete may not compete (e.g. a 16 year old athlete may compete within the 16/17yrs and in the OPEN age groups, but is ineligible to compete with the 18/19yrs).  In Pole Vault, competitors may ONLY compete in their OWN age group.  Obviously, no older athletes may compete down in a younger age group.

Please check specification tables for Hurdles and throwing implements.  A time slot is included in the program for Hurdles Heats.  They are scheduled on the DRAFT timetable to start from 10:30am on Friday 13th July, 2018.  Semi-finals may be required for 100m track events, but there will be NO semi-finals for 200m track events.  For 200m track events: If between 24-40 competitors in any age group, there will be an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ final. If there are more than 40 competitors there will be an ‘A’,’B’ &’C’ final.  Long Hurdles (200mH, 300mH & 400mH) will be run as straight (Timed) finals.   Where there are multiple, or Timed finals (e.g. ‘A’ Final and ‘B’ Final) athletes will be seeded solely on TIMES they achieved in their heats, not places.

COMPETITOR LIST  is available on the website from the first day entries open. It is updated instantly as competitors complete their entries.  

FINAL TIMETABLE  and Start Lists will be produced on the Sports Credentials P/L website by 9pm on Wednesday 11th July 2018 (after all US athletes and/or coaches have arrived in the country and confirmed their entries).

GENERAL COMPETITION and FACILITY RULES  Events may be added or deleted at the discretion of the Competition Director.  The Competition Director reserves the right to remove an athlete from an event if, in their opinion or the opinion of the relevant Referee, the athlete is a danger to himself/herself, or to others.  The facility is an all-weather, synthetic track with electronic photo-finish timing.  All competition equipment, with the exception of pole vault poles (see later), will be supplied at the facility.   Maximum spike length allowable for all track and horizontal jumping events is 7mm and for High Jump & Javelin is 9mm.  Chewing gum is NOT permitted at the facility.  Smoking is NOT permitted at the facility.  Search Griffith University online for designated Smoking areas.  Chalk & powder substances are permitted for THROWERS only.  Pole vaulters may use substances on their hands to improve their grip.

PERSONAL IMPLEMENTS  Throwers wishing to use their own implements must deliver them to the track at least one hour prior to competition and such implements will be checked, and then placed in the equipment pool as per IAAF rules. 

CERTIFICATES of COMPETENCY  Athletes wishing to compete in the hammer throwing events or the pole vaulting event, must supply a letter signed by their coach, advising that the coach declares that the athlete is competent to participate in the event.

COMPETITION BIBS  All athletes will be required to wear a competition bib while competing. This bib will have the athlete’s surname on it, and will be issued to the athletes when they check in (see information re check-in below).  Any athletes without a competition bib will NOT be permitted to start in their event.  If an athlete loses their competition bib, a replacement will need to be worn. Replacement bibs will cost $10.00 each.

CHECK-IN & CALL ROOM  Check-in will CLOSE one hour prior to the advertised starting time for any event. The only exception is Pole Vault which will close 90minutes prior.  All athletes must check-in for ALL individual events at the designated area, which will be indicated with signs. This includes any track athlete whose event has been listed as a straight final.  Athletes not checking in within the required time will NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE.  All athletes will be required to report to the call room 20 minutes for track, 30mins for field PRIOR to the advertised start time of their event. Athletes not reporting will be deleted from the start list.

FIELD EVENTS – Number of throws/jumps - For the throwing events and horizontal jumps, the number of trials allowed will be dependent upon the total number of competitors: 15 or fewer: 3 qualifying rounds + an extra 3 trials for the top 8    16 to 24: 3 qualifying rounds + an extra 3 trials for the top 6  25 or more: 3 qualifying rounds + an extra 3 trials for the top 5

RELAYS  No additional fee will be charged for athletes to contest a relay. However, ALL athletes who wish to compete in a relay must have already been registered to compete in at least one individual event at the DownUnder Meet.  Relay entries will close THREE hours before the relay events. 

START RULE  The IAAF Rule for Starts will be applied to all age groups. That is, any athlete who has been adjudged to have made a false start will have disqualified themselves.  Starting Blocks will be supplied by the facility and personal blocks are NOT permitted.

CONTACTS  The competition organizers are Sports Credentials Pty Ltd and may be contacted as follows:-

Phone/Mobile:     Sharon +61411 454 840 or Peter +61411 454 844



Event Details


Athletics Track, Student Centre Lane, QLD, 4222

Event Date:

Friday 13 July 2018 to Sunday 15 July 2018
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